Packing and Moving

Well, another move is upon me!  That would make 8 moves in almost 10 years.  There are perks to moving and some pits too.  I like to have a fresh perspective and this is truly coming at a great time for me.  I’m over 6 months pregnant, trying for a home birth, I’ve just started my new Health Coaching, so there really is a lot of new things happening in my life right now and moving to a new home, having a new start is coming at a great time.

Packing means that I can go through my “stuff” and get rid of what is no longer needed, useful or unnecessary.  I do love a good purging of stuff, I always feel better afterward.  Sadly, this time of year means the discarded stuff or some of it goes into boxes for a yard sale in the spring, some to goodwill and some to the garbage.  I tend to pack and come across items that trigger a boatload of memories, both good and bad.  Packing up old photo albums always takes me some extra time since I like to take that trip down memory lane.  I have lots of yoga stuff, books, statues, gifts from students that I like to spend some extra time with too.

Packing my clothes up has been pretty easy since most of them don’t fit me right now, but I love getting rid of stuff I don’t wear anymore but find the mental conversation that goes on, the “well what if I go….” or “maybe I’ll need this to wear….”  It feels empowering to take some control over that voice and tell it “too bad, it’s going!”

Here is my number one pitfall of moving again……… my yoga spot!  I spend hundreds of hours doing yoga in my home on the same spot and each time I have grown to love the energy of that spot.  Each time I’ve moved I’ve experienced anxiety as to where my new yoga “home” will be, I wonder if it will be as nice, warm, welcoming and what my view will be.  Turns out so far every time I’ve moved my home yoga practice it’s always been awesome!  I am very excited to have some more space this time for practice too, I’ll need since I will have a wee baby with me too.


Our New Home!!!

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Mindy Willis-Menard is an international yoga teacher who's love of yoga, nature, adventurer and life inspire her to teach. A true adventurer of the heart Mindy is also a hooper, rock climber, snowboarder, runner, foodie and cyclist. Mindy teaches classes, workshops and retreats world-wide. Every other moment she spends with her husband and dog, Mrs. Betty Rox.

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