And then came Baby

It was completely intentional that my Husband and I decided to have a baby.  We waited so that I could wrap up my 2 Yoga Teacher Trainings I had last year so that I could complete both courses before the baby came and forever changes our lives.  Last May, we got pregnant and my life has never been the same.

I am so grateful for the awareness that I’ve learned through yoga, meditation and pranayama because I feel like I have been present to every single moment of the pregnancy.  I’ll be 37 weeks on Sunday and I’m due on February 3rd, which is in the very near future.  The changes in body have been amazing and I’m totally fascinated by the entire process of creating life.  As you can imagine my yoga practice has changed so much to move into a space of deeply honouring this process and turning inside to the life in my tummy.

We bought a house this past year and are planning a home birth in a birthing tub.  Each home we looked at I wondered if I could have the baby there.  When we saw this house my vision was solidified.  It got even more interesting when I took the mirror down in the bathroom and found a very old Ganesha sticker under it, more confirmation for me.  I am so happy and grateful to have a home with my Husband and to have spend the last few months of my pregnancy here.  Plus I have the most incredible yoga spot I could imagine 🙂

My baby belly at 9 months

My desire for health has gone off the charts these days, wanting the best food, water, nutrition for our family and I’m really looking forward to being able to get out with the baby in the Spring and start teaching her about life, yoga, her body, her mind, nature, our family history, our deep love and respect for animals, and love.  I’m already excited to take her rock climbing, snowboarding, biking, swimming, knitting and reading to her every night.

I have really received so much love and support from my family and from friends and want to express how grateful I feel for this support.  Although, my pregnancy had little complication I am very sensitive to everyone’s personal situation and want to offer back the same love, support and gratitude that I have received.

Each blessing is a loving gesture from Nature and this little girl is just that to me.

With a full heart,


About Mindy

Mindy Willis-Menard is an international yoga teacher who's love of yoga, nature, adventurer and life inspire her to teach. A true adventurer of the heart Mindy is also a hooper, rock climber, snowboarder, runner, foodie and cyclist. Mindy teaches classes, workshops and retreats world-wide. Every other moment she spends with her husband and dog, Mrs. Betty Rox.

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