Yoga has been a catalyst for positive change in my life.  Before my feet touched a yoga mat I was feeling lost, disconnected from my heart and the world.  Each day I was trying desperately to fill a void that I didn’t understand.  I did not feel like I was enough.

My first class was at a gym back in 2001 and it was super hard, my body was so stiff and sore, every pose hurt but I received a very clear message, like loud and clear that I needed to do this practice, that it would save me…. and it did!

After that I started to study, I took a yoga teacher training back in 2003 and then another one in 2009.  I have spent most of these past 10 plus years studying with my teacher Todd Norian and his wife Ann Green.  They have passed on so many gifts to me and helped me to recognize my own worth and have nurtured me along on this path.

I also spent many years and hundreds of hours studying Anusara yoga,  and the gift of that style of yoga was the alignment principals and teaching classes with a spiritual message and theme.

In, 2013 Align and Shine Yoga was born and here I am now!  This is a style of hatha yoga that speaks to the heart, aligns the body to allow for integration and healing and encourages each person to embrace their own divine beauty and uniqueness.