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My Soul Warming weekend is coming up next weekend at Wholistic Hall.  I really wanted to create an event smack dab in the dreary, cold, Winter months for the yoga community to come together for an event that will cultivate growth, inspiration, light, love and community connection.

Each day will be a blend of asana combined with anatomy lessons, assists to help softly deepen the pose or guide the direction of energy in the pose, each day will also bring long, deep savasanas, pranayama (breath work to increase and balance one’s energy), meditations, inspiring messages or poems and on Sunday practicing yoga with essential oils (my absolute favourite).

Students can be of any level to come for the weekend.  My role as the guide on this journey is to provide the appropriate amount of challenge for each student will allowing people to expand but also to honour each persons boundaries and limitations as well.  Please touch base with me before the event if you have a particular injury that may limit your practice and also that I can be there to help you in certain postures to ensure no further damage occurs.

There is enough time each day to grab some lunch, take in a walk or grab a tea before the afternoon sessions begin.

The cost is $140 plus tax for the weekend.  You can also join for the day or individual sessions. The hours attended count toward continuing credits through Yoga Alliance, please indicate that you would like a certificate for the weekend so I can provide you with one.  If you wish to pay cash please bring the exact amount to the event.

If you haven’t been to the Hall the trek up to the third floor is so worth it.  Candice has created a lovely space for practice.  Parking is a bit tricky so give yourself a bit of extra time.  There is a lot right behind the studio off of Queens that is reasonable and you can cut through at Spaghetti Eddies walkway, then take a right.  It is upstairs from David’s bistro.   If it’s your first time at Wholistic Hall please sign at waiver at the desk when you get there.

I am so excited to have the time to be in yoga with such a dynamic group of people.  There are just a couple spots left if you wish to attend you can sign up  at the bottom of my website under events and you can also pay on line as well.  If you wish to do an etransfer please send it to

Till then peace, harmony and light,


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