Health Coaching

Health is a word that includes emotions, thoughts, organs, skin, digestion and exerise.

Everyday there are so many decisions each one of us have to make that either lead us to better or worse health.  Sure food is a huge part of that but there are so many other elements to health.  Health coaching is a holistic approach where you will receive so much support on your health journey to take your health to the next level of awesomeness.

Let me tell ya, it’s not easy! My past is full of ups and downs, a serious eating disorder from 14 to 25 years old, a very limited and poor vegetarian diet that gave me no nutrition (it’s hard to rock your awesomeness if you have no nutrition in your bod right?) and other self limiting beliefs that I held about myself for so long.  I wish I had a health coach when I was 15 years old and wonder how my life might have been different.

I had already dragged myself,  unwillingly I might add onto this journey to health.  It began for me back in 2001 when I attended my first yoga class.  I had a very clear message, hauntingly clear, that I needed to do something to heal my life or I was in fact not going to be living much longer the way that I was going.  That first yoga class grabbed me by my heart with a death grip and I’m so grateful it did.

From there I made small steps and over the years feel like I had enough life experience living in the darkness and moving to the light that, just like teaching yoga, I could also support and serve others through health coaching.

After several signs pointed me directly to The Institute for Integrative Nutrition where I studied for a year to become a coach.  During that time I was pregnant and wrote my final exam on my due date!  So now as a mama, wife, and coach I had a whole new challenge to feed my family both physically and spiritually.  We all need help at times.

How does health coaching work?

It’s convenient, all done on the phone or Skype.  I work with you one on one to uncover your heart’s deepest desires and then find the best path to get you there.  We’ll work together in a supportive and loving way to move from old self-limiting beliefs to an empowered mindset that allows you to make those important daily decisions from a place of higher understanding, and love rather than fear, habit, and emotions.

The program is open to anyone that is looking to up-level their health but I truly have passion to helping busy, stressed out Mama’s find some well needed balance and a plan.  I bring in knowledge of Ayurveda (ancient health care system from India, known as the sister science of yoga), essential oils, whole foods, clean eating, exercise, meditation, yoga and more.

Every person I have worked is special to me.  Health coaching is special to me, helping you achieve your health goals is an honour for me and something I take seriously.

So… are you ready?  If you are all you need to get started is sending a message to me.  We will book a FREE Health History and go from there.

You are worthy of support and love on your path.

Peace and light,