The Power of a Home Practice

Over the years many people have told me that they were interested in a home practice and wondered how to begin doing that.  My answer is “yes its where the real, deep, potent stuff is.”  and in the next breathe I caution that you need to have some yoga experience first of course.

A fun variation of camel to try

I LOVE my home practice.  I’m so lucky that we have a room in our home dedicated as a yoga space, ok some toys in there too, but it’s an open space, with my alter and murties, mats, props, blankets, straps, bolsters, windows and view of sky and trees.  It’s magical really.  I practice almost daily, lately I’ve had an interesting twist to my home practice my Husband and I have been doing yoga together, most nights and its great.  The practice, however, is more gentle which I enjoy too but my body needs a strong practice, I love inversions, arm balances, and experimenting with new modifications of poses.

I have a YogaGlo account and use it frequently.  If you are not sure what it is there is a free 15-day trial you can sign up for here…    

The cost is about what a studio drop-in class costs and the teachers are truly awesome.

I also love Bruce Bowditch’s books as a visual guide.  You can pick what level or type of practice. I often put on some yoga tunes and follow along.

Other days I ask my body what I need and after years of training, teaching, and practicing I can create a sequence on the fly that fits my needs.  I often think backward here, what poses have a not done in a while?  What poses have I been avoiding?  What poses are not my fav?  Then I know there’s something there for me to do some work on.

With a home practice, you can run or get distracted…. umm no you can and some days its far to easy,  I need to do laundry, check emails, blah blah blah, so with time and devotion you learn that nothing is worth disturbing your practice time and those moments when you are about to give in to the distraction are often when you feel the deep squeeze of truth about to be revealed or accepted.  It’s best to stay put, soften breath, and be present.

Other times, the call of kula is what I need, community, heart connection, yogi friends, an inviting and safe studio, with great teachers.  I always learn something when I go to a class, even if the teacher is brand spanking new, they will always say something that gets my heart and gets me ruminating, which I love.  I am always a yoga student first so that means I am in a space of receiving and openness, it doesn’t work for me any other way, even when I am actually the teacher.

The bottom line… just practice yoga.

Namaste & peace,


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Mindy Willis-Menard is an international yoga teacher who's love of yoga, nature, adventurer and life inspire her to teach. A true adventurer of the heart Mindy is also a hooper, rock climber, snowboarder, runner, foodie and cyclist. Mindy teaches classes, workshops and retreats world-wide. Every other moment she spends with her husband and dog, Mrs. Betty Rox.

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