Here’s what happens when you add Yoga!

Something I’ve noticed since starting yoga almost 10 years ago – it changes EVERYTHING!

Make no mistake your life would probably remain more simple if you did not awaken the “sleeping giant” of consciousness.  Once your awake you can look forward to things like these; when you mess up, you’ll  beat yourself up for days, you’re not everyone’s favorite yogi, ouch, not behaving in a yogic way, boo.  Once you are awake, well…. you’re freakin AWAKE.  It’s not a switch that you can shut off and go back to sleep.  If you’ve been bit by the yoga bug it’s infectious and the infection of awareness spreads to every part of your life.

Nothing you do is without a heightened sense of awareness.  Every hour you log on your mat increase your consciousness ten-fold. more so if you practice with your heart first. Pre yoga if you give someone the finger in your car you felt better and you’re proud of yourself for putting someone in their place, post yoga you recognize it’s your problem not their’s.  You eat crappy food and you feel like shit, oppsy!  You lie, it’s not the person you’re lying too because they might never find out, but you know!   Yep yoga will touch every part, even they ones your want to hide from the world.

How does it all work really?  How can time spend in downward dog create such a radial change in someone’s behaviour?  I believe it to be mostly a mystery to the body but truth to one’s soul.  You were born to expand!  If you find yourself a serious yoga student you will thrive in the environments where the teacher pushes you to and beyond your comfort zone.  The truth is once you go there, there’s no going back!

If you try to go back you will feel a sharp pain in your heart of disconnect, take that as a lovely little reminder that it’s pretty hard to go back to sleep and in fact your are not meant to!  The kula will draw you back.  The urge to merge will begin to get so loud you have no choice but to listen.

Once you add yoga, you are adding it to every single thing that you do during the day!  You want to do laundry, add yoga.  You want to go for a nice walk outside, add yoga.  You want to cook a delicious meal, add yoga.  You want to have awesome relationships with other people, add yoga.  You want to be smarter, add yoga.  You want to improve your memory, add yoga. You want to heal your body of illness and disease, add yoga.  You want this world to be a better place, add yoga!

REAL YOGA!  Hard core, shift your consciousness, blow your proverbial socks off because yogis go barefoot, I’m not talking about the kind where you make a comment after class like “that bitch took the shower in front of me”  I’m talking about the straight into the heart of who you are YOGA!!!!  This is where the magic of this incredible transformation occurs!

We don’t have much time to wait for people to wake up if they haven’t already.  I’m not saying we should lose hope but align yourself with beings that have a high vibration of consciousness.  Our planet’s hope lies in our ability to wake the “F” up!

About Mindy

Mindy Willis-Menard is an international yoga teacher who's love of yoga, nature, adventurer and life inspire her to teach. A true adventurer of the heart Mindy is also a hooper, rock climber, snowboarder, runner, foodie and cyclist. Mindy teaches classes, workshops and retreats world-wide. Every other moment she spends with her husband and dog, Mrs. Betty Rox.

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