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Hooping hit hard in the 60’s and is back for good! Hula-hooping is more than just a quick journey around your waist, it’s a journey into your body, mind and heart. In history hoop dance was part of many Aboriginal cultures that reflected the circle of life.

“Hooping is a Helluva Workout.”

On average, a person can burn between 400 to 600 calories in a 1 hour hoop class. The good news is it’s so fun time flys by. It’s a creative workout that used all your major muscle groups and will work your cardiovascular health.

“The hoop doesn’t discriminate, everyone can do it”

Being in the hoop is a way to connect to your body. Hooping is a personal experience that some people pick up right away while others need more time to connect to the movement of the hoop. With time practice everyone can hoop.

Having the right hoop makes a big difference. Kid’s hoops are too small and too light, and that’s what many people try to hoop with. Adult hoops are much bigger, they often come all the way to the breastbone and they have some weight which makes it easier to move the hoop.

Hooping is a workout that improves the relationship we have with our body. Physically hooping; improves your overall strength, core strength, increases stamina, weight loss, improves balance, awakens libido and pelvic health, and improves self-esteem, builds confidence, relieves stress, deepens the body-mind connection, and gives a sense of freedom and power.

Our Company – The Kula Hoops Co.


Kula means Community!
Kula is the Sanskrit word for community. Kula Hoop Co. is working to spread the hula hooping love!

Hula hooping has so many benefits for the body, heart and soul, and we want to share this passion by teaching others as well as making hula hoops accessible in our area.

Hooping is an incredible alternative workout- it can burn over 600 calories and hour- but you won’t notice because you’ll be having a blast. Hooping builds confidence, tones muscles, builds core strength, is great for cardiovascular health, enhances balance and coordination, is low impact, releases stress, increases vitality, elevates mood, and makes you feel happy!

Our classes promote community within the city of London Ontario, and our travelling workshops are now spreading the hooplah across the province!

Look for Teacher training courses coming up in the near future if you are interested in teacher hooping. Our connect with us if you would like to host a training or workshop in your community.

“Our presence in the community is to inspire active, healthy lifestyles, laughter, and connection.”

Visit us at: kulahoopco.com or on Facebook